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CSRD Meets Pay Transparency

Article by: Anita Lettink

Abstract: Anita provides a great overview of the key differences and overlaps between the CSRD Directive and the Pay Transparency directive.

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Invitation: Pay Transparency seminar

Hosted by: Benify

Abstract: Benify is hosting an HR Connect  in Copenhagen on May 30, 2024. The theme will be the EU Pay Transparency Directive and how to prepare for its implementation. 

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Pay Transparency webinar

Video by: Benify & Jon Sannes

Abstract: Jon presents the key elements of the EU Pay Transparency directive, followed by a discussion by Benify on the Total Compensation perspective and how to be truly transparent vis-a-vis your employees.

Key Insights from Round Table on Pay Transparency readiness

Video by: Jon Sannes & Thaulow Film

Abstract: Jon shares key insights from a round table event starring Kira Marie Peter-Hansen, chief negotiator of the EU Pay Transparency Directive, and a number of large Danish employers.

Continued European focus on Pay Transparency

Speech by: Ursula von der Leyen

Abstract: In her State of the Union Address the President of the European Commission emphasized: "With the Directive on pay transparency we have cast into law the basic principle that equal work deserves equal pay."

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What are pay transparency laws and are they working?

Article by: World Economic Forum

Abstract: This is an explainer article that looks at Pay Transparency laws worldwide and discusses their impact.

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Amazon sued based on 'chronic pay inequity issues'

Article by:

Abstract: Three female employees sued Amazon in October 2023 on the grounds of gender discrimination. The Amazon spokeperson is quoted to expect to demonstrate that the allegations are false. The case has not yet been concluded.

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Google Lost Gender Discrimination Case

Article by:

Abstract: In October 2023 a US court ruled that Google had been discriminating based on gender and awarded $1.15 million for emotional stress and punitive damages to the female plaintiff. 

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The EU Pay Transparency Directive explained

Video by: Jon Sannes & Thaulow Film

Abstract: Jon talks you through the basics of the directive and its implications, touching on the four main pillars of the Pay Transparency Directive

How the EU Pay Transparency Directive Will Transform Your Workplace

Webinar by: Jon Sannes & Timmy Lundin

Abstract: The important key aspects, consequences and opportunities of the directive, which unavoidably transform the way most companies work with Rewards.

The benefits of pay transparency — especially among younger workers

Article by: World at Work

Abstract: Pay Transparency is much more than just a compliance task. If treated right, and integrated into the company culture, it becomes an attraction & retention tool, that moves employee engagement and trust significantly.

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EU Pay Transparency Directive Quiz

Article by: Sysarb AB

Abstract: Our team of experts have put together a 3 min quiz that explores your current challenges and readiness for the new EU Pay Transparency Directive.

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Achieving Workplace Equity Starts with Pay Transparency

Article by: Kenneth Stilling de Neergaard

Abstract: This article takes you through the basics of how to ensure pay transparency – the precondition for workplace equity – which enables you to take better and more disciplined salary decisions.

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What has a toaster in common with EU pay transparency laws?

Debate by: Rachel Gibbs

Abstract: More than you would think, at first glance...

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Four Reasons Why Gender Equality is Crucial in the Workplace

Article by: Sysarb AB

Abstract: The workplace is where most people spend majority of their time and it’s of great importance that we achieve an equal environment.

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What will it mean for your HR-strategy?

Debate by: Jon Sannes

Abstract: The European Parliament has officially adoped the new rules around #paytransparency. This is BIG! What do you think this will mean for your HR-strategy the coming three years?

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Four reasons to adopt full pay transparency

Article by: Rachel Gibbs

Abstract: There is a small number of companies who have adopted full pay transparency and here are four factors for the approach taken.

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A simple indicator of the size of your company’s inequity challenges

Debate by:

Abstract: Running a simple analysis of the difference between the salaries of all men and women in your company to get an overall impression of the challenge might not be as useless as it sounds...

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New collaboration

Sysarb AB and Nordic Reward Partners are now collaborating to help you get an overview of your salary data, highlight inequalities, and rectify these without risking your profitability. Together we combine software, knowhow and solutions to help you ensure a fair and transparent pay policy. You will have access to the leading Pay Equity Software and advice from the best Reward specialists in the Nordics.

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